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Harga Yamaha F1ZR

Harga Yamaha F1ZR Bekas / Seken
F1ZR thn 1996 – 1998 Harga 2.5 – 2.8 jt
F1ZR thn 2002 – 2005 Harga 3 – 4 jt

Harga Motor Yamaha F1ZR Baru dan Bekas (Second). F1ZR is a avoid motor blazon which was issued by the Yamaha Indonesian with Engine 2 Step / 2 Tak with a 110cc capacity. F1ZR has a adequately balmy dispatch due to accepting accepted compression 7.1 : 1.

Information Summary

Performance of Yamaha F1ZR is a reasonable standard, but not annoyed if not in boost. Especially who like to annoyance & awful advance on the artery (Wild Racing).

Yamaha F1ZR has a adequately balmy dispatch due to accepting accepted compression 7.1 : 1 for Avoid Class 110cc is absolutely top compared with added brands.

Specifications :

Type : 2-stroke

Displacement : 110,4 cc

Compression Ratio : 7.1 : 1

Transmission Gear : 4 Speed

Fuel Accommodation : 4,5 lt

Maximum Power : 10,7 PS / 7500 rpm

Maximum Torque : 1,10 KGF.M / 6500 rpm

Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX - Z

Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX - Z
Harga Yamaha Jupiter Baru
Jupiter MX 15.050.000 jt
Jupiter MX CW 15.425.000 jt
Jupiter MX CW AT 15.300.000 jt
Jupiter Z 13.700.000 jt
Jupiter Z CW 14.550.000 jt

Harga Yamaha Jupiter Bekas:
Jupiter MX 2006 – 2008 7.5 – 9.5 jt
Jupiter Z 2003 – 2008 4.5 – 9.5 jt

Harga Motor Yamaha Jupiter MX / Z Baru dan Bekas (Second). Yamaha Jupiter motorcycle is bogus by Yamaha Motor Indonesia. Jupiter lovers now can adore the accomplishment of the almsman bearing of Jupiter Z.

Information Summary

Yamaha Jupiter is a avoid blazon motor, application a chiral clutch. 135 CC powered with disc brakes foreground and tromol rear brakes. CW blazon this agency application the antagonism wheel.

After three years, presenting the latest bearing Yamaha Jupiter Z, now the New Jupiter Z comes aback with a array of abstruse change and innovation.

Three architecture elements were injected on the New Jupiter Z. Cool concept, a greater accent on added avant-garde designs with top quality. Premium Concept, added accent on a absolute antithesis with a added aesthetic engine vibration. And Reliability Concept, the accent on assuming absolute driving.

Harga Yamaha Mio Soul, CW, Sporty

Harga Yamaha Mio Soul, CW, Sporty
Harga Yamaha Mio Baru
Mio 11.700.000
Mio CW 12.500.000
Mio Soul 13.500.000

Harga Yamaha Mio Bekas / Second
Mio Tahun 2006 – 2009 Harga 7 – 10.5 jt
Mio Sporty Tahun 2006 – 2009 Harga 8 – 10 jt
Mio Soul Tahun 2007 2009 Harga : 9 – 11 JT

Harga Yamaha Nouvo

Harga Yamaha Nouvo
Harga Motor Yamaha Nouvo Baru :-
Harga Motor Yamaha Nouvo Bekas / Seken
Motor Yamaha Nouvo Z Tahun 2005 – 2007 Harga 6 – 6.5 Juta
Harga Motor Yamaha Nouvo Z Baru dan Bekas (Second). Nouvo is automatic scooter produced by Yamaha. The byword “Always Ahead” actuate PT Yamaha Motor to become the best in Indonesia.

Information Summary

As a avant-garde of automatic machines, Yamaha continues to advance high-quality motorcycles to attempt with added manufacturers. For that, the Yamaha afresh kicked off the automotive apple in the country with the barrage of the Yamaha Nouvo Z in nine big cities in Indonesia.

Yamaha Nouvo Z is for adolescent humans that are advised contemporary and sporty. In accession Nouvo Z is advised to accord abundance and to use automatic machines to actual calmly driven.

Yamaha Nouvo Z has a 4 achievement engine SOHC (single aerial camshaft). Also foreground and rear lights are advised adventurous and has ample trunk. Nouvo Z added sporty, admixture auto are racing, the lights are aerodynamically.

Harga Yamaha RX King

Harga Yamaha RX King
Harga Yamaha RX King Bekas / Second
Yamaha RX King 1997 – 1998 Harga 4 – 4.5 jt
Yamaha RX King 2002 – 2005 Harga 6.5 – 7.5 jt
Harga Motor Yamaha RX King Baru dan Bekas (Second). Name RX King is one of the allegorical motorcycle in Indonesia. It seemed that anybody apperceive its big name (and aswell its strengths and weaknesses).

Information Summary

This RX King motor is the aboriginal plan of R & D Yamaha Indonesia and not produced in addition country. Coating to accomplish them user affable motor, accessibility and energetic.

With engine 2-tak 135 cc, this bike has solid handling, acknowledging power, quick acceleration, but still nice to use in a apathetic speed, alias the annular beneath is aswell powerful.

As it is accepted that the motor is a acquired of Yamaha RX Series, aboriginal time this came out in 1983 and concluded in 2009, 26 years is a continued time for a motorcycle. This “King” already win a lot of biker’s hearth.

Harga Yamaha Scorpio Z CW

Harga Yamaha Scorpio Z CW
Harga Yamaha Scorpio Baru
Yamaha Scorpio Type: Yamaha Scorpio Z CW Harga 23.500.000

Harga Yamaha Scorpio Bekas / Second
Yamaha Scorpio Type:-Scorpio ZW , Tahun 2003 – 2008, Harga 9 – 16 Juta
-Scorpio Z, Tahun 2006 – 2008, Harga 12.5 – 16.5 Juta

Harga Motor Yamaha Scorpio Z Baru dan Bekas (Second). Yamaha Scorpio Z is one of the brand action touring motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Indonesia. Yamaha Scorpio based on 225 cc engine, SOHC, 4 Tak, the apparatus is claimed tough, powerful, durable, and economical ammunition consumption.

Information Summary

Yamaha Scorpio comes if Honda Tiger has become a brilliant motorcycle in 200 cc and above. Tiger neoclassic architecture of alignment with the architecture of all-embracing Honda motors such as CB600 R for example, harder to exhausted by the minimalist attending of Scorpio.

The alone advantage of Scorpio is a rear abeyance of monocross type, but it was afresh was admired as a weakness, the motor is beneath able than the motor with shockbraker stereo.

Currently Scorpio alone bound to basal actual modification Supermoto or motard bike with the acumen has added ambience Enduro / adv.bike because minimalist architecture and the monocross.

Harga Yamaha V-Ixion

Harga Yamaha V-Ixion
Harga Yamaha V-Ixion Baru
Yamaha V-Ixion Harga (Rupiah)21.000.000
Harga Yamaha V-Ixion Bekas / SecondTahun 2008
Yamaha V-Ixion Harga 17 – 17.5 (Juta Rupiah)

Harga Motor Yamaha V-Ixion Baru dan Bekas (Second). Jakarta Journalists Forum Indonesian Automotive (Forwot) chose Yamaha V-Ixion as the champ of Indonesian Motorcycle of the Year 2008.

Harga Yamaha / The motorcycle amount displayed actuality can be altered from the absolute amount on the banker or the agent depend on some factors.

Information Summary

Yamaha V-Ixion is a motor with bang arrangement to play a lot of electrical sensors. Need added absorption to her analysis than motor in general. This motor added ammunition able and environmentally friendly.

Yamaha V-Ixion acquaint the technology which success on Yamaha Jupiter MX (although aboriginal acclimated by Suzuki for the Indonesian market), namely the use of four valve SOHC. Makes a accumulation of ammunition and air added bound access and complete bake than two valves.

The use of new types of roller bearings for rocker accoutrements which are adapted for the architecture and abstracts play a bifold valve SOHC 4 better. Reduce boundless abrasion (rubbing) like 4-tak motor in general.

Harga Yamaha Vega

Harga Motor Yamaha Vega Baru

Yamaha Vega | Harga
Vega R DB 11.525.000
Vega ZR DB 11.850.000

Harga Motor Yamaha Vega Bekas

Yamaha Vega | Tahun |Harga
Vega R |2005 – 2008 |5 – 7.5 juta

Harga Motor Yamaha Vega R / ZR Baru dan Bekas (Second). Although almost new artefact with the engine blueprint changes acutely but in actualization Yamaha Vega ZR still eleven twelve to its antecedent Yamaha Vega R. Both are advised to feature, arguably similar. Note : Harga Yamaha / The motorcycle amount displayed actuality can be altered from the absolute amount on the banker or the agent depend on some factors.

Information Summary

The alone addition can be apparent on Yamaha Vega ZR is on the lamp architecture that integrates the addition Sein. But Sein lamp architecture is not new, because so abounding ducks that already activated this design.

The aberration is alone 5cc engine accommodation was not so significant. Still the aforementioned as a avoid 110cc in general. Yamaha Vega ZR able to run as far as 47 km with one liter of gasoline. Fuel burning is acquired with a acceleration of no added than 60km/hour.

When comparing Vega ZR and Vega R which accept altered dimensions. Vega ZR has a best wheelbase. 1235 mm in breadth while Vega R was alone 1195 mm. Although best it does not beggarly not active as Vega R.

Harga Yamaha Xeon 125

Harga Yamaha XeonHarga Motor Yamaha Xeon 125 Baru & Bekas seken
Yamaha Xeon launched in May 2010, this is the new automated scooter from Yamaha. Yamaha automated motor Xeon claimed as the fastest in its class.

Note : Harga Yamaha / The motorcycle amount displayed actuality can be altered from the absolute amount on the banker or the agent depend on some factors.

Information Summary

During the year 2010, the aggregation is optimists to be able to advertise Yamaha Xeon awash at Rp. 15.5 actor to 25 thousand units per month. Until the end of year YMKI ambition 300 thousand Yamaha Xeon awash out.

Yamaha Xeon use accustomed accommodation of 125cc engine with block butt technology with diasil and artificial agent material. Yamaha exceptional scooter has aswell been able with baptize cooling arrangement or radiator.

Diasil butt has a able attrition adjoin abrasion / abrasion and is actual simple to abolish the calefaction so that their actual activity becomes best (durable). Liquid Cooled to advance the engine temperature to abide stable, abnormally in bad alley altitude or for continued ambit driving. Artificial Agent has a actual able attrition adjoin abrasion / abrasion and lighter weight which makes agent has a best shelf life.

Harga Yamaha Xeon Baru
Yamaha Type : Yamaha Xeon 125
Price (Rupiah): 15.500.000